About me

2019 Siggraph @ Los Angeles, with my idol Lay Zhang.

Recent News

  • Excited news! I got an oral acceptance to CVPR 2021. Please check out my publication page for interesting demos~

  • Here comes the new semester. Due to the Covid-19, we still have to work from home. Stay healthy and happy!

  • I’ve finished the three-month internship at Adobe Research. I appreciated my mentor Yi Zhou for her kindful guidance. We are going to continue our project this semester.

  • My paper regarding the 6-DoF haptic based virtual assembly training was accepted to the journal. And my paper about controlling the secondary motion in physical simulator was also accepted to a conference.

  • Congratulations to me!!! I’ve finished the user study, including 75 subjects in total, and obtained pretty good results. Currently, I’m working on writing the paper.

  • Recently I am going to conduct a user study on haptics. The study is pretty large because we want to recruit nearly 40 subjects. Hope everything goes well. 2019 October.

  • Welcome the New Year~ Recently I am going to learn about path planning. I hope I can come up with some new ideas for it. Fight on~

  • I came to LA in August, 2018. It’s my first time to be in the USA. So there is a lot to explore. I am trying to learn all the new things. Fight on!!!