About me

Me, my husband, and our dog Arrow @ Santa Barbara, 2023.

Recent News

  • A third research internship at Meta Reality Labs! I spent an amazing three months in the Zurich Switzerland office with my supportive manager Ryan. We delivered compelling results in the final presentation. Summer in Zurich is chill and wonderful. I do hope I can visit it again. BTW, please try the raspberry cake at Sprungli if you get a chance! The cake is the best I’ve tried, ever.

  • Another research internship at Meta Relatiy Labs! This year we did it in person!!! I would like to say thank you to Breannan, Javier and Takaaki for their support throughout my project. I’m proud of what we have done!

  • My research internship at Facebook Reality Labs has ended. I had an incredibly amazing experience being an intern there. Thanks to my manager Tuur for his support and guidance. Thanks to other peers for their advice on my project, Ladislav, Breannan and Marie-Lena. Thanks to Courtney and Braelena for pushing the recruiting process and for their kind support during the summer.

  • Excited news! I got an oral acceptance to CVPR 2021. Please check out my publication page for interesting demos~

  • Here comes the new semester. Due to Covid-19, we still have to work from home. Stay healthy and happy!

  • I’ve finished the three-month internship at Adobe Research. I appreciated my mentor Yi Zhou for her kind guidance. We are going to continue our project this semester.

  • My paper regarding the 6-DoF haptic-based virtual assembly training was accepted to the journal. My paper about controlling the secondary motion in a physical simulator was also accepted at a conference.

  • Congratulations to me!!! I’ve finished the user study, including 75 subjects in total, and obtained pretty good results. Currently, I’m working on writing the paper.

  • Recently I am going to conduct a user study on haptics. The study is pretty large because we want to recruit nearly 40 subjects. Hope everything goes well. 2019 October.

  • Welcome to the New Year~ Recently I am going to learn about path planning. I hope I can come up with some new ideas for it. Fight on~

  • I came to LA in August 2018. It’s my first time to be in the USA. So there is a lot to explore. I am trying to learn all the new things. Fight on!!!