A Deep Emulator for Secondary Motion of 3D Characters
[paper] [code] [project page]
Mianlun Zheng, Yi Zhou, Duygu Ceylan, Jernej Barbič. Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021. (Oral Presentation)


Adjustable Constrained Soft-Tissue Dynamics
[paper] [project page]
Bohan Wang*, Mianlun Zheng*, Jernej Barbič. Pacific Graphics 2020 and Computer Graphics Forum. * equal first authors.

Evaluating the Efficiency of Six-DoF Haptic Rendering-Based Virtual Assembly Training
[paper] [project page]
Mianlun Zheng, Danyong Zhao, Jernej Barbič. IEEE Transactions on Haptics, accepted for final publication.


Magnetic Levitation Haptic Augmentation for Virtual Tissue Stiffness Perception
[paper] [project page]
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A Novel Unconditionally Stable Explicit Integration Method for Finite Element Method
[paper] [project page]
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A Fast Mass Spring Model Solver for High-resolution Elastic Objects
[paper] [project page]
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A Novel Nonlinear Parameter Estimation Method of Soft Tissues
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A joint multi-scale convolutional network for fully automatic segmentation of the left ventricle
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A Novel Magnetic Levitation Haptic Device for Augmentation of Tissue Stiffness Perception
Qianqian Tong, Zhiyong Yuan, Mianlun Zheng, Guian Zhang, Xiangyun Liao. VRST ‘16 Proceedings of the 22nd ACM Conference on Virtual Reality Software and Technology. Best student paper award